Lyrical Poetry

When I was younger than I am today,
I was not afraid to compose lyrical poetry.
Singing along with it was not always
in perfect harmony.

When I was I use to listen to the radio.
My life also revolved around my favorite televison shows.
There was so much wrong with my life. Much more than
I ever care to know to try to remember.

Memories fade much faster than the
month of September. I knew I had
to surrender my life to Jesus Christ.

He is the light of my life. He healed
my life through singing lyrical poetry.
My inner thoughts remained as bitter as could be.
Now Jesus Christ knows my inner thoughts
are far from clean. It carries over into
my dream life.

Continue cleansing my mind, by your love
divine. People are born and then they die.
They do not always reach heaven's lofty skies.

Satan will no longer have access to my mind.
Jesus Christ is a very good friend of mine.

I used to listen to rock n roll radio stations.
It was one of my favorite forms of relaxation.
I used to joke and laugh about the DJ's silly
chatter. No matter my mind was as empty as it could be.
Most of the time I failed to live
in the world of reality.

Listening to cassette tapes and the record player
as loud as it could be. And yet my hearing was
restored to me. Along with my former gift of
composing lyrical poetry.

No longer do I listen to the radio, but you
know I still watch my favorite television shows.
It helps to keep me company. I seldom
watch educational TV.

I do watch Daystar and TBN. Sometimes I even listen.
But seldom remember. Times flies by too quickly
just like the month of September.

by Roxanne Dubarry

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