SSY ( / New York, NY)

Lyrics - A Blink In The Night

White headlights under a blue moon night
peyote cocaine maybe LSD
booze and me
a hard rock
music pattern
on the radio
has me laughing and growling
at embroidered sky's
I got enough gasoline
to sustain well over a 110
until the rising morning sun
and it’s only midnight now
Empty desert highway spreads
out before the hood
you think a legend has begun
but just the cactus and the snake
are awake to testify
But so it goes
who cares who knows
when you break the mortal barriers that so tightly bind
and leave this earthly realm behind

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'I hear a bluesy droning rock sound when I read this thing I wrote. Please: This should not in any way be seen as advocacy! ! ! Those were youthful days when crazy was not my domain alone. ' PS: This is not about death; this is about life.