Lyrics In That Songs

Poem By LoKis White

He believed she loved him with all her heart but he was so wrong
Every day she dance to the music but never heard the lyrics in that song
She sings the lyrics out loud while she runs the street
He was at work working very long hour trying to make ends meet
He couldn't listened the music because he had time for nothing
His life was provided for his family while praying life will do an upswing
She did what she could to help but the street is for what she long
Never thought she would do him wrong because their love was so strong
He told her to stay off the streets because they don't love her like he does
She wouldn't listen to his words because of the fun of her friends buzz
She was chasing rainbows looking for her pot of gold
He wanted to make sure his family wasn't left outside in the cold
She wanted to have fun; he wanted to make sure his family had a life
She had fun with her friends; he got stabbed with his owned knife
She claimed he wasn't there for her; he claimed she did him wrong
I guess the both should have listen to those lyrics in that song

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