Lyrics That Flows Like The River

Poem By Alvin Parkinson

Scentless water allay to thou of thy compunction
Rhymes so fluid but a nomadic river when in function
From neophyte training to intense extreme succinct poetry
Rhythms to bars so remissive, you can call it floetry
It brings remediation to thou who feel repel
Clear as crystal and relish to thou who are in the nadir of hell
As purge as a nefarious man cleanse from his practice
Merges thy to the neonates washing all the heart of black magic

A fresh smell to the noisome odor
A warm chamber when time gets colder
Tempted times brings attentive rhymes
Competitive lines but not as competitive as mines
My ritual is divine to brethrens and my God
I’m a fisherman who caught the heart with a rod

Lyrics with the spirits of fulfillment of inspiration
Repeal the dead reminiscence and excel conspiracies
Of renewal pacific waves that will eternally endure
Of poetic words that will have your disease cure
Thou hurts shall be not but enjoyment shall be
Thee will regress to thy period that abounds thee
With love and excitement, that was like no other
Lyrics of the calm sound ocean lyrics that recovers

The sick, the poor, the needy, the broken
The mad, the sad, the insane, and love confiscated
The hunger, the dehydrated, and the weak
The law, the falling, the dead how deep
Comfort to thy Un comforters
Hope to thy Un hope
Growth for thy Un growth
Confronts for thy Un confronters

Affluent with an amorous and an amorous conquest
Of pouring out the words of tenderness to thy whole congress
To societies, communities, environment, and now world wide
Meaningful to the Nihilism and those who contemplate suicide
The fishes swim above them the dolphins jumps and hops
The sun looks over it as the penguin’s head starts to bop
The officious waves continues to solve circumstances
Restore the musical mute to sing restore the legs that dances

Thou and thy words to bring thy river
River so restful river that delivers
Flowing and flowing with muse persuasion
Glowing and glowing in any accusations
Happy, happy down no more
Nothing but better it splashes in your door
Soaking and soaking peace on your floor
Happy and happy forevermore

I’m the orator to thy words, thy words that slide
Do I stand up for thy words of passion, I cannot deny
I scream with an affliction, an affliction that people can relate
So we scream together in all, the power of these lyrical waves
These words people keep inside until they meet thy grave
Thy river that creates a shock with the grounds plate
I look up in the heavens and when I look down it was May
And people everywhere and everywhere started to say

My cries, my heart, my all
Lyrics that flows like the river
My cries, my heart, my all
Lyrics that flows like the river
My cries, my heart, my all
Lyrics that flows like the river
My cries, my heart, my all
Lyrics that flows like the river

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As long as a Russian saga, or a Ming dynasty. Thankfully, there were many positive points. Lose the bit about the hopping dolphin though. For Chrissakes.

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