(m) (01) (Terror) After The Bombing

Poem By Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

The wind laments
The birds twitter in a hush
Mourning the last nights event
Burnt lawns that were lush
Rubble of houses that were once homes
Having buried remnants of hope
An intact picture of a smiling couple in Rome
A crushed toy, cakes of soap
Some fragments of bangles
A mangled skipping rope
The streets looks lifeless as a corpse
The air is full of thick black smoke
Child with a burnt face stops
On a mound of bodies badly burnt
Bewildered, he just cant fathom
What has happened and he yearns
For his parents who succumbed
To the dance of death and ruin
And then he looks up to the sound
Of approaching planes making a din
Another round of bombing has begun
God knows what is their intent
What is there left in the city
Its been completely spent
Of life

Comments about (m) (01) (Terror) After The Bombing

Well T.O. after I remove some shrapnal from my.......this was written so well, that it takes the readr right into the thick of things........
Stunningly penned up keen observation TO. Masterful. t x
Wow TO, this is a really powerful poem, haunting imagery. A really tragic story told tenderly. HG: -) xx

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