M.E. Time

This is me time
To do what I gotta do
So please just let me be
I've always been there for you

Yes it's me time
I owe you no apology
You've had nearly all I've got
Now I must be on my way

Because it's me time
I just wanna be on my own
I'll do what's best for me
So I need to be left alone

Yes this is me time
I just need to do some thinking
Some peace and tranquility
You know I won't be drinking

For it's me time
Can you see it in my eyes
I need some time for me
I've always hated goodbyes

This is me time
I can deal with the physical pain
It can't really hurt me
I think I'm just staying sane

This is just me time
I've gotta think of number one
Instead of everyone else
To undo all the knots I've done

I just need some me time
Do things I feel I need to do
I've nothing left to give
It isn't me this time it's you.

I need my me time
I am trying to make you understand
That it's not easy being me
So with a virtual wave of my hand

this is me time,
time for just myself
I'll be in touch some day
when I'm in better health

by Gordon David

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