No! , speak not!
No! let me
‘Touch not my anointed’!
How do we know your anointed?
Them that are overseers?
In big churches or small huts
Proselytes of the Christian faith
Critics of Idolatry.
Verbal orators of anti moral viles,
Whose public life
Negate the Jesus we know.
‘Touch not my anointed’!
Like Stephen was stoned?
Or Paul beaten?
Or like John on the isle of patmos?
Like Peter in chains of men’s prison
Or Silas and Paul in bars?
‘Touch not my anointed’!
when they obey the gods of this world
serving mammon in tithes and offerings
building mansion like never their Jesus.
Traveling daily not like missionaries.
‘Touch not my anointed’!
in daily meetings with politicians
unlike Elijah to the Ahabs
“It is you that troubles Israel”
and praying in vain (publicly)
and in the secret paid too support evil.
‘Touch not my anointed’!
who prophesy falsely
in inaugural sessions of presidents
in their usual suits of hunger.
Who do not turn meetings to crusades
To win souls to their master (Jesus)
Who ferry ride from New York to New Delhi
Without a saved soul.
‘Touch not my anointed’!
who build universities for earthly knowledge
with the tithes of men to God
leaving the poor in the dream of emancipation.
‘Touch not my anointed’!
who advertise their names
on posters and billboards
for the usual routines of powerless gathering
No! I will not touch thine prophet
“For by their fruits
we shall know them”.

by macaulay akinbami

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