DQ (January 19,1990 / Denton)

M. Uch Of E.Verything....Me

If you didn't know me then
Then, you'll get to know me now
This is my story
Maybe my confession
Of all my lost hope
And my neverending depression
If you think I'm happy
You are so very wrong
I think I have to take Prozac
To end all of my depressing songs
The only smidgen of happiness
That you will ever see
Is when I'm in and out of waves
And surfing to the ocean's drumbeat
So far in life, I've faked it
Sometimes I've forced laughs
To conceal the cries
But right now, my acid is concealed and I've erased all my hopeful dies
I'm just one big bucket
Full of unhope
I've erased death and I've erased the cries
I'm just depressed all of the time
I don't goof off
I especially don't act the fool
I just sit down and over a pen and paper, I drool.

by DJD Quick/dd

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Hi DJD, I really enjoyed reading just how I feel sometimes, but that is when the mighty pen is most deadly, don't you think? The mistake a lot of people make imo, is thinking things are set in concrete and therefore, impossible to change or move borders and boundaries etc etc. It is not true, nothing is ever as it seems or impossible to change, so these days I accept each day and take what it offers with a smile and gusto when I can. I think this attitude comes from having my life snatch from under me and having to start from broken and scratch. I love your poem, you are doing what you have to do at the moment, and you sound like you are doing it well, it is just a matter of caring for yourself more. I have trouble with this too, believe it or not! Sorry for the long comment, but your poem really affected me thus.10 from smiling Tai