'M.V.P.' @ Greater Refuge Temple Church

Received an email from my brother Jeff Rickey Cheeks,
On information given from Mother Wright just last week,
Because it’s all a secret you might say she dropped a dime,
So we put our heads together and came up with this rhyme.

Orangeburg, South Carolina is where it all began,
One of four brothers for whom God already had a plan,
This young adult’s first stint was the military, next stop college,
Proverbs tells us it all begins with wisdom and knowledge.

Coming to New York City in 1957 to pursue his goals,
Whatever they were at that period he really didn’t know,
Oldest brother Wayman said, “it's time to get right with the Lord, ”
Acts 2: 38, the Holy Spirit gift on our own we could never afford.

The year was 1959 when he humbly laid down on his face,
Surrendering the soul for God’s love, peace, mercy and grace,
Getting back on his feet prophetically speaking in tongue,
Praise salvation through the divine blood of Jesus, #1 Son.

Time springs forward to 1963 an especially good year,
Second only to accepting the Savior, thanks to a Calvary tear,
November 3rd to be exact forever joined to a Christian wife,
Happily vowing to love and honor Faye for the rest of his life.

A marriage producing two sons named Daryl and Chucky,
Knowing this to be a blessing although some called it lucky,
One is now a minister while the other serves as a deacon,
Carrying on the tradition of inspirational gospel beacons.

Faith sermon every second Sunday as our Brotherhood Choir sings,
His loyal wife with face aglow, they’re like bookend wedding rings,
Congratulations from Apostle’s James I. Clark & William Lee Bonner,
They’re as proud of this esteemed colleague as if it was their own honor.

Respected for many talents, earned degrees all totaled there’s seven,
Well, actually it’s eight counting one from God’s Kingdom of Heaven,
It's only fair to give credit when the calling is pure and true,
There was an anointing long before he earned one, if not two,

An experienced teacher in the city’s junior and senior high schools,
Expertly instilling right from wrong principles of the golden rule,
Funerals, visiting the sick, an Elder in good standing for several years,
A child of God touching lives 2nd Timothy 1: 7, never with a spirit of fear.

Refuge temple, assistant pastor, now Dean of our Bible College,
If this man was an engine he’d retire from way too much mileage,
Romans 15: 13, a believer overflowing with hope, an excellent bible teacher,
Elevated to Bishop in 2007, Charles E. Wright is a 'Most Valuable Preacher! '

w/Jeff Rickey Cheeks

by Luke Easter

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