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Maa, Thou My Heart, Thou My Soul!

O My dear Maa,
Thou my heart,
Thou my soul,
Thou my everything,
That I owe!
Thou the universe of Affection,
Thou the ocean of Perfection,
Thou the teacher of teachers,
Thou the Spiritual Preacher.
Thou the Sun in the day,
Thou the full moon in the night,
Thou the one who's always bright.
Thou the Lord of Lords,
Thou the most beautiful in creation,
Thou the most wonderful foundation(A Mother! Very Special!) .

O Maa, thou My All,
O Maa, thou my Lord!

You've done everthing for me,
And always with a glee,
How can I ever return the same to you?
But I, A Fool,
have done nothing for you.

But Maa, I promise,
that in the future Ahead,
Thou would have wonderful days,
Thou have ever thought,
I promise you Maa, I PROMISE!

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O Maa, thou My All, O Maa, thou my Lord! i promise you Maaaaaaaaaa. such a fine poem.. an euology to your beloved mum.. thankyou dear poet for this praising of your dearest mum.. tony