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Macabre Perceptions
(May 17th,1951 / Chateaugay, New York)

Macabre Perceptions

Poem By Paul Amrod

Pterodactyls overhead; their prey they've sought
Drinking dry Spanish red wine harboring morbid thoughts
Witnessing the weaving of a malignant design of macramé
Like twisting snakes on the crown of a screaming Salome
Similar to the infamous Medusa's symbolic soirée
A string quartet scratched tritones so helplessly distraught
Irritating dissonances while a flock of vultures swarm
Stirring the dust in the desert as everything deforms.
Gilded gold was requested by an impostor with the Midas touch
Turning riches into salt as a broker was sold then bought
The molecular composition would never amount to much
as the process destroyed fidelity as all matter began to transform.
Waiting to impose a proposition was a lurking band of ravenous ravens
stealing purposely the hopeful crumbs of the lost who searched their haven.
The masters of black magic continued to stir their brew.
Witches laughing sadistically upon their flying brooms
With no intent of pleasure as they premeditatedly knew
their only function was to create an iniquitous gloom.
Then the Pterodactyls transshaped into ugly flying machines
soaring across the darkened skies with their flights of fraught
Despicably revolting with their drones and slovenly routines
with a wizard on a button fabricating fear for naught.
Raising the hair of Chicken Little as they illogically intervene
disrupting prosperity confusing the masses as they misconstrue
their destinies bowing to their knees totally disoriented and consumed.
Concocting the most absurd behavior and an improper recipe
they tangle a smoldering kettle drum with smoke signals from a tee pee.
Suddenly they then create their own style of an absurd misery
with an imaginary fleet being presented as their own enemy.
A showcase of war and destruction at the cost of humanity
causing a shamble and erasing Nature with an atrocious calamity.
Over the waters comes a billowing row of vicious cyclones
agitating tidal waves climbing over the highest hills.
Holding on to the tops of trees is an entourage that moans
sneezing and jawing hanging on for dear life from the overspill.
As their entire scenario plays out its malicious theater
we seek for an escape by summoning the Gods enthroned.
Maybe comes out of the wilderness a gorgeous gladiator.
The horror is incessant with no pause in its succession
exhausting the victims with no angelic mediator.
As we experience this unbelievable macabre perception
we fathom with a periscope the depths of the nautical unknown.
Neptune we beckon to cease this nightmare of deception.
Nonetheless comes pictures of mousy men eating their pies of mince
Our futile hope will disappear into fables of an evil prince.
Appearing is a contraband of criminals with knifes between their teeth
discomforting the scenery until it is similar to a barren heath.
The drones continue to turn into an annoyingly buzzing mass
raining into the atmosphere a disturbing falling glass.
Notwithstanding the perverse twisting of reality
the supposed protectors are only propagators
of a doomsday which needn't be the case.
In authenticity this is simply a pentatonic actuality.
Hence we shall proclaim our awareness to simply deface
their imposition as the most deplorable of all infiltrators.
Breaking through their waves which disturb our precious sleep
and recreate our path to the wonderful Pleaidian race
which guides us to Aether who gives us solace to keep
our continence pure as we mingle and modestly interlace.

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