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Between Hamilton and Port Fairy in a scenic Countryside
Where on a bright and a sunny day one can see for far and wide
Is the Township of MaCarthur it is a quiet old place
But if you are a local there your's is a well known face
It seems more like a Village than a quiet old Country Town
And on the Hamilton - Port Fairy roadway few cars pass up and down
Surrounded by farming country and the people who live there
Must consider themselves lucky since they breathe clean country air
Just nine kilometres from Mt Eccles where marsupials abound
Where koalas, grey kangaroos and wallabies in large numbers are to be found
In MaCarthur in Victoria in the Springtime of the year
The grey shrike thrush and the magpie are birds one does often hear
And in the roadside paddocks in their earth stained feathers of white
The long billed corellas digging for their food are a fairly common sight.

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