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Macaulay's Heroes

Macaulay who wrote The Lays Of Ancient Rome
For his heroes did go a long way from home
For Horatius Cocles his hero huge odds not afraid to face
Was a legendary warrior of Roman Race

Thomas Babington Macaulay the famed English politician and poet
In English literature remains as one worthy of note
His Lays Of Ancient Rome are widely read today
One can say of him with words he had a way

Though Macaulay passed from life many decades ago
Time that rusts iron to his poetry has not yet become a foe
In fact i heard a few stanzas of Horatius On The Bridge recited on radio today
Good poetry lives on though time does tick away

Reading the famous rhyming poems today i enjoy
As much as i did when i was a young boy
In my mind Macaulay's verses have a place of their own
The love of old rhymes i have not outgrown

In English political history Thomas Babington Macaulay's is a legendary name
But as a poet his is also in time an enduring fame
For his heroes he did go a long way from home
You can read all about them in The Lays Of Ancient Rome.

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