January Sunday Mornings

Snowflakes fall like feathers of the wintertime
Angels call through whispers in the breezy nights
Comfort comes from the blankets held so tight
As your eyes grow heavy staring at the fire's light

Peacefulness in the morning's rising sunshine
Followed by the cherubs calling through bird chimes
The scent of breakfast wake you from the dreamy life
January Sunday mornings can be as slow as you like

by Christian Rivera

Comments (4)

Very beautiful
When my grandaughter was in kindergarten and 1st grade, my husband would go read poetry in her classroom. This was one of the children's favorite poems.
Nice rhyming poem to read about the pet cat, Macavity! Cat is cleverer than dog and always escapes from any enemy! It is best protection from rat menace at home!
I've liked this poem ever since i was 7 and watched the musical ' cats'. I think the rhymings pretty good but it is a bit long.