A Solitary Note

But beyond
The silence of a moment
A solitary note
Draws the Self from self
Into a loving nothingness
Where the secret of all
Is locked.

Beyond the beyond,
Soul in joy
And knowingness
Basks in the bliss
That the IT IS is
Before returning
All too soon
Into the present
Of another moment
Retaining nothing more
Than perhaps vague memories.

But within,
Deep within,
A renewed
Inner peace glows –
A peace
That radiates itself
In the eyes
And in the smile.

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

by Mike Barrett

Comments (3)

When my grandaughter was in kindergarten and 1st grade, my husband would go read poetry in her classroom. This was one of the children's favorite poems.
Nice rhyming poem to read about the pet cat, Macavity! Cat is cleverer than dog and always escapes from any enemy! It is best protection from rat menace at home!
I've liked this poem ever since i was 7 and watched the musical ' cats'. I think the rhymings pretty good but it is a bit long.