A Strong Leadership

leadership is action on rudderless ship
where all are looking at you and weep
you loose no composure and assure
your position is unshakable and sure

your earn and learn
know well how to show and turn?
a simple to blow to adversary
and term it as essential and necessary

You have mastered the art
You had humble beginning from the start
You started well with meagre income
Now you have plenty of huts and domes

You represented as if their true brethren
You had only your interest and concern
You were making in road and prestige
You were the link and very good bridge

You are now established leader
You are very good statesman and reader
You go to their rescue and act also as pleader
You are simple man but still a wonder

You are complete figure with all the wisdom
This is never seen and found seldom
Perhaps God has given all the freedom
You are cheerful and face no boredom

You are Like rising sun
You may not stay at one place and constantly run
You are afraid of assassin's bullet from gun
You are the special creature and only one

We have one leader in every House
They have flooded like insects and mouse
They have nothing to dodof their own
They have to corner all spoils and not to be shown

Leaders prefer only political field
There is enormous power and yield
Doctorate and position along with shield
Even if position not actively held
We make no difference between sun and moon
But we are prepared to call it night in noon
It is mad race to please a person
Though there is no specific reason

You can site many examples of past
Good leaders have not survived for last
They may emerge rapidly and come very fast
They have no restriction to rule over vast

It is gifted quality and not to be easily found
They are familiar with everything on ground
They move on with popular backing
Everywhere they are and staking

It is nice to find able statesman
Who can take and lead us to be human
Render all services for the welfare of mass
This one is specially suited for class

It is matter of pride to claim some one as leader
We may be monitoring him closely as reader
It is essential to be a selfless for the cause
We are prepared to garland him with rose

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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