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Macho Males

Many macho males frown on men who in public weep
They say their tears for their private rooms they should keep
Yet when our life's crosses seem too heavy to bear
We lighten the sorrow the sorrow we share.

For to meet macho males you need not travel far
You need not pass the door of the first Public bar
You will see them in there and they swilling their beer
The men who are too scared for to shed a tear.

In case that some true human feelings they'd show
So little of love and compassion they know
One idea of manhood in which they believe
Is that real men in public are not known to grieve.

Their fathers before them they thought the same thing
Of tearless macho heroes they too used to sing
A chip of the old block when all is said and done
Or putting it more plainly like father like son.

On what it takes to be a real man they firmly believe
A real man in public is not seen to grieve
And to meet your real men you need not travel far
You are sure to find them at the Local bar.

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