RI (1913 - 1955 / Australia)

Macquarie Harbour

Macquarie Harbour jailers lock
the sullen gates no more.....
but lash-strokes sound in every shock
of ocean on the dismal rocks
along that barren shore.

No more the bolters hear the hound
that bays upon the wind,
and terror-spurred kepp onward-bound
until they drop upon the ground
starved and terror-pinned....

But gales that whine among the hills
sniff at the savage tracks
the hopeless took. The snowfall fills
bleak ranges; then the moonlight spills
broad arows on their backs.

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It requires correction: kepp onward-bound needs to be keep onward-bound, broad arows on their backs. needs to be broad arrows on their backs. A great poem indeed.