Fallen Heroes

Candles lit for the past
Brings memories ripped apart,

In solaces, tears on a pillow
Soundless plays the radio

My hopes died in this town;
The moment the flag went down

Half mast by an hero came a dew,
Mentors are great compass for the new;

In solace, on thy bed, thy pray
To make thee more of thy by day.

But these winds from the window
Keeps cleaning thy darkest shadow

Such that thy fierce images and frames
Can't be lost down memory lanes,

For thy has become an household name
Thy fallen heroes and glory days are same.

by Vincent Onyeche

Comments (5)

I love this. It is so deep in meaning.
Mad and Sad go together. Happy and living stay in between! !
Powerful and deep
it is true, u've collected ol yo points. UITSTEKEND!
Very deep...Beautiful.