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Mada And Ted

As is said about dogs they cannot shed tears
Mada and Ted had been canine friends for years
Mada in peace now at Illowa lay
With Ted left to grieve at her passing today

Mada will be missed by Jenny and Ross
But her passing to her friend Ted comes at a greater loss
He will grieve for her in a far deeper way
And wonder how come with him she did not stay

That dogs do not have their own canine friendships would be to pretend
Mada she was Ted's greatest canine friend
Dogs do not know their life's journey will end
And death is a thing they cannot comprehend

Sadly missed by her human friends Jenny and Ross
Mada she has gone from Southern Cross
Her best canine friend Ted is feeling so sad
Together so many happy times they had

Like humans dogs for their friends also do grieve
Those who tell you different themselves only deceive
Poor Ted he is worthy of sympathy
Since he is wondering where his friend Mada might be

Life in the Moyne Shire as usual goes on
Though Mada from Southern Cross she has gone
Ted for his absent friend is left to grieve
But that time is the grief healer one has to believe.

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