Madame Gossip

I've asked myself so many times, the answer's still the same,
How does a raging fire start from the smallest flame?
From a tiny seedling the tallest oak tree grows?
And from the calmest breezes, a hurricane blows and blows?
From a tiny little pebble's fall an avalanche appears?
A mighty ocean grows and grows from someone's bitter tears?
A giant earthquake's rumble starts from a tiny crack?
How can a climber scale the Alps while never looking back?
The tongue is quick, like speed of light, and causes sonic booms,
while roses grow so full and lush
from kind words and deeds they bloom.
I've asked the questions endlessly, the answer's still the same,
if life'stroubles fall into your lap,
Madame Gossip could be to blame!

by Christine K. Trease

Comments (2)

Christine you are a good poet keep it up
Great analogies, Christine... it's amazing how a few poorly chosen words spoken to the wrong person can snowball out of control. Well done! ! Brian