Madame Jealousy

Poem By Supriya Prathapan

Manipulative and menacing Madame Jealousy,
Is filled to the brim with hypocrisy and insecurity.
She is a regular trespasser in most relationships,
Causing profound pain by ensuring harrowing hardships.

In this modern materialistic world,
Madame Jealousy's impact has increased manifold.
That foes outnumber friends, is the modern man's lame lament,
The truth is, Mr. Money's offsprings have mercilessly mutilated Mr. Moral's descendents.

Madame Jealousy messes with all the nations,
She causes rift amongst followers of different religions.
Famous for fomenting racial tension,
Her favorite word is ‘disintegration'.

Madame Jealousy is particularly fond of glitz and glamour,
So she always accompanies the accomplished, in all her splendor.
These people (the accomplished) are obsessed with power and position,
Staying on top is their sole obsession.

Madame Jealousy meddles with every hard working person,
In fact, she is the mother of ‘Corruption'.
A fervent fan of the cunning conspirer,
Together they kill the honest worker's zeal and fire.

When Madame Jealousy creeps into a family,
Rivalry replaces revelry, leaving no room for peace or harmony.
Siblings sharing the same roof,
Turn foes and prefer remaining aloof.

Lovelorn Madame Jealousy always interferes in matters of the heart,
Causing misunderstandings and forcing lovers to part.
Her own loneliness prevents her from letting people unite,
The lovers' sorrow gives her immense delight.

If only we could love one another unconditionally,
Accept each other and live a life of dignity,
Miserable Madame Jealousy will accede defeat,
And Madame Humanity will willingly take that vacated seat.

Comments about Madame Jealousy

And the only foxy way to get the stranglehold of Madame Jealousy is to stuff her from all sides and enjoy her like the potato where sugar is the other name of attitude than sprinkling honey in her mouth, blood is the other name of trash than shooting sperms to satiate her womanhood and electronic cards and sensors the other function than swipes to contribute to her motivations..some people are always exceptional and would want to bell the cat.But sadly though that is gonna end the madame not jealousy...the human challenge is therefore to fight and triumph or loose and terminate

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