(Jan.10 1985 / Martin, Kentucky)

Madamn Can Penname C

'Who am I Who am I'
everyone gather round
i'll shed my thorny crown
and sing a lilting melodic trill for ye.

Tokens of memory, in the hills
of Ole Mudcreek Kentucky
I ask that ye-genuiflex- bend that knee
sit and join my rambling song of
dear sweet Candy, named thus in my jamboree.

I'm gonna to be Candy Drone
8 hour a- day, coffee pouring drinker whiling away
accomplishing less than average by nessecity
I'm gonna move into my role of Candice Mundane
shedding all that really is- simply a pain
and gave so very easily her borish man-to Dull mop'n sire with lots of money.
I'm going to rise above a Madamn Can penname C, 'la and la'
write tickidty tockidy of words to believe, this fellow entertaining a plays menagerie.
Shh... Shh...
Who am I? Who am I?
I am C.R.W., yes sir! around a table, yes em' sire
I'll follow like Renee in Paree, leaning Tower of desire,
Kiss and touch-all with a buck
and I'll shock with my words in a days tease with ease.
Who am I? Who am I?
fools can't you see?
In A rhyme not necessarily mine,
I am all and thus so anounmously thee.

by Candice Renae Williams

Comments (3)

A refined poetic imagination, Candice. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you
interesting piece hey
I wrote this last night (umm 2 am) SO I have to rework parts... But Isn't it amusing... ^_^