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Maddened Souls Of Slow Decay
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Maddened Souls Of Slow Decay

We maddened souls of slow decay
We that embrace the death of the day
We that are saddened with nothing to say
We that are silent in thought as we pray.

We are as gods here
Free beyond the kingdom of fear
Free beyond the rising tears.
Free to embrace the death of the year.

Illuminated eyes of ecstatic vision
Fuel the fusion of divinity within our palms.
Here we are still learning, chewing upon the fabric curtain of the night.
Here we are still gurning, turning our eyes from the light that blinds
And bends and sends our minds running into a nightmare shared
By all those that have long since torn their clothes in seeking to care
For our mother crying, sighing as they are as our mother dying.

Dawn is arisen and the gift of light is given unto the new day born.
The ashes of twilight are drifting upon the winds as slow and soulless
Princes seek throughout the shades a pillow to fade upon,
A blanket to hide them from the sun that breaks in the virgin earth.

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Nicely written Mr lacey