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Maddy Bowen

It is mostly biographies of the wealthy and famous that are published to sell
Though in everyone's life there is a story to tell
It is only the lives of celebrities the gullible masses celebrate
Though in death everyone does share a similar fate

Though this is going back some six decades in time
Maddy Bowen was a rare beauty when in her life's prime
As Madeline Rice with shoulder length hair of chestnut brown
She was indeed the fair rose of the town

She married Jimmy Bowen the great love of her life
To him she was a loving and a devoted wife
But sadly and tragically Jimmy died in a work accident when their only child Tommy was a baby of one
Leaving her on her own for to raise their son

Her Tommy grew up to be a nice and a handsome young man
But tragically his life in time was a brief span
He died in a car accident when he was nineteen
Some heartbreaking days in life she has been through and seen

Maddy is aging in a graceful way
Her shoulder length wavy hair is silver gray
Always happy looking and smiling she does seem carefree
She is looking great for one of eighty three.

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