Made By God

Poem By Gentle Kisses

Knock, knock, knock, I hear at my door.
My heart beats faster, as I cross the floor.
Anticipation rises, as I reach out my hand.
I open the door, and there does she stand.

I reach out my hand, and pull her inside.
My heart is so full, I felt it did cry.
My arms are around her, our lips they do to touch.
Her tong enters slowly, but gently, not much.

Our bodies are hot, our love is so true.
Our passion is growing, it depends solely on you.
Passion and love, our hearts become one.
Our bodies entangle, the passions begun.

My excitement pulsating, on every heartbeat.
You nectar is flowing, with radiant heat.
My tong in enjoyment, sweet nectar below.
Your lips do surround me, excitement, you know?

Feelings of enjoyment, pulses, they do race.
Feeling pure pleasure, passion on your face.
Thrusting penetration, pleasures heard round.
New direction experienced, new pleasures are found.

Pressure is building, but it will not cease.
Pure pleasures upon us, to total release.
Our bodies start pulsing, moist wetness around.
Our bodies exhausted, we fall to the ground.

We have searched all our lives, for this heavenly bliss.
Our hearts now remember, from our very first kiss.
Remember this one thing, of our passion and love.
It first started in heaven, made by God up above.

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interesting poem, I liked reading it.keep it up

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