O Death!
Do you know me?
I am a Palestinian child
I have a request
Please be slow on us
Be polite
Man cannot be polite with us
Humanity can't help us
It is only you I can request
Be slow, slow, slow
The graveyard is full
There is no room for new graves
And we cannot keep bodies at home.
Please be slow......

by Tayyab Ijaz

Comments (5)

Thats very true Mula
Painfully true. Very well pointed out our shortcomings. I find very few poets taking up such important issues. Thanks for this piece.10
Most unfortunate state of affairs in the deteriorating Indian society! There must be a stop to this craze.
a genuine tribute to our country.... to get ranks, to fill banks..... very thoughtful lines....
Interesting and thought-provoking poem,