NE (May 05th 1978 / )

Made In Spain

Had I confessed to the sea how much I cherished you,

The ocean would have thrown itself in the ocean,

And the waves would have dressed in black mourning you,

Mourning the death of love and the suicide of the ocean.

Had I confessed to their majesties how my heart crowned you,

The kings of the world would have -since the start of creation- sent me to exile

For not having crowned them as I crowned you

For having nominated you my queen for a while.

Had I confessed to my nights how you invaded my slumber

With a defilé of dreams and a troop of endless nightmares,

My nights would have blasted you with flocks of anger

And would have asked the sky to pour, instead of water, tears

But I abided silent and drunk from the cup of patience.

Oh... poor soul! How long could you endure such a pain?

A pain that has dressed a weird costume called silence

A special silence, a special pain, made in Spain.

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Comments (4)

Very nice poem, its Rich in vocabulary
beautiful, powerful poem, Noureddine. I'll be honored to record it. Reminds me somewhat of the Middle-Eastern ghazal form
Hey, I liked this one very much indeed Noureddine. an unusual write and so interesting and very pleasing to read. Thanks for posting it. Love Ernestine XXX
Very passionate poem Noureddine. I'll look forward to seeing you post more! :) Sincerely, Mary