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Made It Through
HD Hannah Davies (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Made It Through

This year has been so tough
At times, things did get really rough.
I just about made it through
Some things were extremely difficult to deal with too.

What will the future hold?
Especially after my life story is told?
So much has happened in the last twelve months
I have had my fair share of knocks and bumps.

I managed to climb out of the dark hole
Trying to repair my damaged soul.
This time last year I thought I'd be dead
But I did my best to keep my head.

Sometimes I wanted to just give in
Throw my life away in the bin.
But I continued to fight
For what I believe to be right.

I have had to move home
Try and pull myself out of the self-harm zone.
I took myself off all the pills
Cause I believe they made me ill.

It's been almost a year since I last saw mum
But our paths will cross again as the court trial will soon come.
I can't wait for it all to come to an end
Put it all behind me, I'm well on the mend.

I'm not quite out of the woods yet
There will always be things that are too difficult to forget.
But at least I'm in a better place
There have been so many problems I've had to face.

I am stronger than I realised
I no longer feel like I'm paralysed.
I have been on one increidible journey
Where i have learnt a lot about me.

Another year over with
I have got so much more to give.
I will remain tall and strong
Stop punishing myself as I did nothing wrong!

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