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Madge The Poetess

Madge the Poetess has a way with words than her there is none better
For to pen a poem or a short play or for to write a letter
Yet she does not yearn for wealth and fame for the love of writing she writes only
Without her note book and pen she says she would be very lonely,
In her mid twenties and quite talented a well known local writer
And wise and clever and unassuming than her not many brighter
The leading writer in the Town her fame is even spreading
And the Regional literary critics do agree that for greater things she's heading,
I often see her and her partner Ted walking hand in hand together
On the gravel path around the Town park lake on pleasant and sunny weather
Her light brown hair blowing in the breeze her beauty worth a mention
Unconceited and slightly shy she does not seek attention
She has written many a lovely poem and short play and short story
And poetry critics in the know say she is bound for glory.

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