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Madly In Love With U
HW (Nov 4,1991 / )

Madly In Love With U

When I look in your face
My heart erase
The feelings I have for my boyfriend just go away
Even dough I know your not promise to me now nor any other day
I call time after time just to make a fool out of myself
I'm addicted to your love and I need you help
Every time I'm around you my body melt
I get the feelings that I use to felt
When I'm with you feel like theirs nobody else
I know you say you got a girl friend, but she doesn't have to know
We can keep what we hiding on the low
Don't ever leave me I don't ever want you to go
I would give my boyfriend up for you if you really wanted me to
I would do any and everything you want me to do
That is how I'm madly in love with you

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we are blind as far as we are in love.
wow... um.. this is a beautiful poem... i must say.. but cheating is not the way... your only gonna hurt people that love you. if you dont love the person your with, then why pull them along? your gonna end up hurting him... and cheating will hurt his gf. take care and good luck with everything. -J.