(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

Madman's Blues

They locked me away
In this padded cell
They say it's for my own good
But they condemned me to hell

Their medications simply do nothing to me
So they up the dose and just wait to see
They think their pills will set me free
Little do they know they're damning me

These twisted voices keep on telling me lies
I can now even see them with my waking eyes
This cursed madness is taking hold of me
They tried to make me sane but now I'm just plain crazy

Now I'm sitting here
In my padded cell
I feel no fear
In fact I'm doing well

My dear sweet voices keep singing to me
I'll be seeing you soon as I get free
But there's only one way out of this hell
They should've taken my belt when but me in this cell

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I find your poem very eloquent as you were able to depict the inward suffering of someone with a mental prison. Intense and moving!