BAH ( / Lagos, Nigeria)

Madness Brewed At Night

Through the glass doors, I watch
the sun goes down
I sit afraid to move, to lay
my tired legs on the soft waiting bed
How they hurt.

Through the glass doors, I watch
as darkness swallows the earth
By the minute, it grows thicker till
there is nothing at all to see.
I sit, afraid to close my tired eyes, lest

The pictures appear
and venom fills the air
But not for long can I have them opened
for they get overly weary and begin
to close; soon

Fumes evaporate in the air filling
my nostrils
Waves of bubbles ring in my ears
and like a mobile, I answer
My mind wavers
plunging me down a corridor
of swirling smoke.

A serpent from the fog appears
lunging at me; I retreat at its
ugly, small, sharp, yellow teeth
A man with stature large in
a forest of dancing bright lights
holds in his hand an axe
hacking off the heads of serpents

A crocodile emerges from the ocean
trailing behind a girl with golden curls
From the clouds, trumpets an unseen elephant
A sentry in iron sandals stands by a gate
he requests an exit fee
A quart of my blood! he demands as payment

Words swim in the clouds like fish
Ugly, dirty, cockroach
Flea, leech, maggot
Rain, pain, insane
Lament, rampant, repent
Weep, gnash, rash
Pill, will, swallow

Fast and faster, they swim
My head reeling from the pain
From the twirling smoke, I discern
a figure on a mountain peak

It's daybreak

by Birgitta Abimbola Heikka

Comments (4)

Illusion. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Thank you Sumit and Gajanan for you nice comments.
Darkness swallows the earth, turmoil envelopes the earth. Fear is our only possession. Ultimately day comes when these seem to be nightmares. Beautiful.10
fast and faster they swim..meaningful.