Magazine Role Models

Flipping through the latest fashion magazine
I wonder to myself if this can actually be real
Pictures of these fake role models staring at me
These too skinny girls with their perfect hair
Who would do anything it took to keep it that way

They influence young girls, tell them what to be
That they need to look like them in order to fit in
Even though they may send messages “to be yourself”
All that can be heard is wear all the latest fashions
Do whatever it takes to be exactly like us

It gets to the point that young girls get desperate
To be stylish, to be perfect, and way too thin
Some go on crash diets while other will starve
Ignoring their needs, their health, desperate and wasting away
Doing whatever it takes to be like their magazine role models

Magazine role models stand for all the wrong things
They represent unreasonable perfection that doesn’t exist
Sending messages of insecurity to already insecure girls
With their air-brushed bodies and fake permanent smiles
Unhappy girls being influenced by even unhappier models

So as I flip through this latest fashion magazine
I wonder to myself if it all could be changed
If magazine girls could turn into real role models
Sending positive messages of healthy bodies and minds
Influencing girls to be themselves and love who they are

by Kristy Laking

Comments (2)

Thank you Kristy for writing this. I think all young teens ought to read this poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb
A message out there to those caught up in the monotone of fashion trends and hollowing one's self to fit into them - reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann's remarkable line, 'Do NOT read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel UGLY.' A thoughtful read. - K.