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She is such a beautiful person with shoulder length hair of silver gray
Though she is in her early eighties and she has known a far better day
Magella she never had children her long term partner Jimmy last year passed away
She says she would feel so much happier if he were living it is quiet where he now does lay
Magella she is a kind person as most retired nurses are
One who is not wealthy or famous she drives in a second hand car
One always helping homeless people for her corporal works of mercy she is well known
For her kindness and compassion Magella she is in a class of her own
For the betterment of humanity a woman who does her own share
The Magellas of the Human World are and have always been rare
An octogenarian retired nurse it is a fact and fact does not lie
That nurses do never really retire they will be nurses till the day they do die
A friend of the poor and the homeless always willing to help those of helping in need
Not many as kind as Magella she is a great person indeed.

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