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Poem By Simon Samuda

The frequencies are dancing and the clouds are roaring.
The heart begins to pulsate as harmony and balance returns.
Colours and shapes swirling around in my mind.
The mechanism of a Watch, ticks away.
The false construction of time.

Love and harmony battling with disorder and hate.
Magicians turning a staff into a snake.
The sound of truth resonates.
Only if I could reincarnate into a bird.
Fly into the clouds.

The soul seeking eternal peace.
The dance of death.
The frequency the sound of life is eternal.
The harmony sings the blues of a soul seeking life.
Sorrow in my soul.

The arrow of love has pierce my heart.
As love water flows in waves.
The dance of life begins.
The trumpet of resurrection is sounding.
The droplets of rain continue.

The rebirth.
The decaying.
The replenishing.
Electromagnetic energy.
The magician is the universe.

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