CK (1/28/1956 / Washington DC)


Fear, anger, mistrust and nearly
Half a century of
Living in a world unfamiliar
To all but myself-
Has left me in dismay and in solitude-
Tomorrow is another day where
My morning shall be
Walking in the darkness, although
Moments away from sunrise and
Knowing that within a few hours
As I sleep- my mind shall become aware-
As if lightening has struck in some
Magical way-Fear, anger and
Mistrust shall disappear in a moment’s notice-
A different sort of sun shall rise
For me alone, shining light upon my kaleidoscopic world-
Black skies transform to cobalt blue as
A hurricane of sorts shall blow the sinister clouds away-
I shall see a rainbow rise from
Behind mountains of madness and
As the moon in its fullness disappears behind
Blossoming trees and I regain my sanity and hope,
Those alien voices shall be silenced-
Fear, anger and mistrust are hiding deep inside of a phantasmal river,
Rapidly receding and it shall only be days before
That river overflows and washes over me,
I can see those dismal clouds returning-
And all I can do is to remember words of wisdom telling me to
Grasp firmly onto those fleeting feelings of peace, hope and
Focus on the clarity of the skies above-
Feelings are so like thunderclouds- and
Finding one’s rainbow is a rarity- when lightening has struck your mind-
When feelings of fear and rage are inborn-
One never knows when the rain shall begin to fall again-
Voices that I hear are not real, and all I can do is dream
While the rain is falling until lightening strikes again-
Skies clear and although skies of cobalt blue so magnificent
Are in passing as is that phantasmal river before it overflows-
Perhaps in a different light it shall wash my tears away and hope shall remain, that
That magical sun shall someday rise for me alone and never set…

by Claudia Krizay

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We all feel dejected when situations become scary, when we lose faith in others we have to deal with, when we get furious and 'furiouser' (to mimic the accepted term, 'curiouser') . But I doubt if it is 'poetic' to repeat 'fear, anger, mistrust' from the beginning to the end without what is called 'objective correlatives', hinting at the details of circumstances provoking such feelings. But this poem has been lauded highly by several readers. Good for the writer.
The truth is the light! Nice work.
Wow! A poem charged with emotion! Nobody else can really understand how you feel, but you give us a good glimpse. Very well done.
Amazing inspirational poem with a positive note. Enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
Wonderful poetry. End in a positive note it makes a great reading.
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