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Magic At My House
GS (1982 / Adelaide, South Australia)

Magic At My House

Poem By Gabrielle Shutt

In the closet there is a pair of shoes

The stay in the box kind of shoes.

The gray leather open toed high heeled shoes.

The fancy night on the town shoes.

The make you taller shoes.

The makeup wearing time shoes.

The too big but a perfect fit shoes.

The magic make you grown up shoes.

In the jewelry box there is a necklace.

The aquamarine and pearl and gold necklace.

The this is older than you or I necklace.

The shiny rainbow making necklace.

The color and feel of the ocean necklace.

The mother’s mother necklace.

The too nice for any day necklace.

The magic make you an elegant lady necklace.

In the bathroom there is a bag.

The painting for ladies bag.

The filled with vials and potions bag.

The put your face on bag.

The make your lips redder bag.

The give you doe eyes bag.

The not in public until your 16 bag.

The magic make you look beautiful bag.

In the bed there is a woman.

The wears the magic shoes woman.

The keeps the magic necklace woman.

The use the magic bag woman.

The lets me put on the shoes woman.

The tells me the story of the necklace woman.

The wipes off the magic of the bag woman.

The magic I want to be just like her woman.

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