Magic Moments

The sound of pitter patter
Of teeny weeny feet
The rustling of the covers
Arouse me from my sleep.
The gentle kiss you plant on my cheek
The warm embrace as you cuddle close
And gleefully announce "the sun is up!
Mom, get up!"
The squeal of delight
As you chase the furry cat
Then imprison her within your arms
Magic moments, I hold them in my heart.
The sleep now gone from my eyes
I grope in my bed and drag myself across the room
To face the battles of the day
At noon, I would be so worn
My energy would run low
While yours seem like at all times high
When evening comes you'll say
The sun is asleep, the moon is up
Mom, I want to stay up!
Precious moments, these terrible threes
Still, these magic moments
Forever will stay in my heart.

by Cita Klocksieben

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