Magic Of Love

When I am near you
You don't look at me
When I walk away
You block my way
You don't react to my verse
But always quote my words
Between you and me
What's happening
Am I in love with you?
Is my query
Haven't seen you
But you are always with me
You encourage me
You are an angel to me
You cast a spell upon me
Like butterfly
Am flying towards you
Who are you?
Where are you?
You mean a lot to me.

by Rini Shibu

Comments (9)

Love is all encompassing.+++10
i love this poem mam.......lovely oneee
I have found love is like that-you are not certain of your feelings, whether you are in love or not. It is not a clear-cut matter. 'You' could be one person, an unknown person, or a symbol for those who read the poem-very skillful use of the pronoun.
Am in love with you! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Beautiful poem Rini Jerry Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
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