Magic Of Rainy Evening

Dark and heavy clouds gathers together,
Though the sun attempt to shine
It fall shot, its glory is no more either,
Everybody runs hastily for a shelter,
Clouds ready to irrigate the earth's life
Hanging down from the skies.
Droplets of water begin to fall
One after the other as though programmed,
Mist start to take shape,
Branches of streams form on the ground.
Rain sluices down the dusty leaves,
Water erodes the soil away
Leaving the empty channels instead.
Water collects in the basin on the ground.

Suddenly children runs out singing:
The rain is over, it's time to sow the seeds.
They start sliding on the slippery ground,
They slashes the water with their bare feet,
It's fun as some slide and falls down
Leaving parches of black mud on their clothes.
Birds and insects set out to dance
calves runs around and dance too.
Sun shines as it goes down to sleep,
And frogs takes time to call each other.
Bats roams on the air preying down insects,
The whole scene is marvelous and wonderful,
Everybody Wishes that every evening was rainy.

by Kinyua Karanja

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