ME (1967 / Scarborough UK)

My Flamingo

A flamingo was forced to go
To learn to fly pretty low
She flew n flew in speed
Till she's over this barren land
That made her heart like a band

She saw what others couldn't
She did what others wouldn't
She loved what others didn't
She stood on the land

She touched down on the barren
Her voice shook the ground
Her feet made it gravid
Oh my flamingo!
You made the barren a heaven
You made the futile - fertile.

The flamingo left me with memories
Memories that made me volant
Some made me sad
Others made me mad
Oh the memories i cherished,
And those made perished

Oh my flamingo, i won't go
This land will never be barren
For this streams are it's cryin
For it will never ever be dryin


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I've got one of those! Love, Fran xx