Moving Forward

A truth maliciously distorted
Becomes nothing but a lie,
Like a nightmare disguised
As a sweet dream!
Back to the future?
No way Jose!

It is up to you only
To make the right choice
Between sugar highs
(One per cent)
And poverty lows
(ninety nine per cent)
In this anxiously expected day
When we will sound only
As one loud and clear voice!

Now, they may question my thoughts
When I freely speak my mind
Forgetting that it is my right
Since I was born!
Backward we shall never go
But forward instead
Toward the rising Sun!

©All Rights Reserved-2012

by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (14)

Such a great poem on MAGIC ..🎀
thx grace v tidrow your a life saver
one word: great poem. well that was two but still
I'm using it in my school poetry assembely tomorrow! great poem amazing!
Well... What kind of magic is this?
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