DG (Jan 4th,1959 / Portland, OR)

Magical Power Of Love

Elude the taunting evils that lurk in beyond.
But be blessed with love and laughter, while I’m gone.
When alone again, drift back into time – but beware.
Your defenses are down, love again if you dare.

The magical powers of love are great.
But the punishment for deceiving one love is hate.
So go forth my love, venture on from the past.
Choose another one love or make our love last.

But pick wisely my love when it’s time to choose.
If you pick the wrong one, you’re certain to lose.

So dream, dream on – into the magical power of love.

Let the deceiving mist of passion, pass before your eyes.
Drift off into space and search for your love in the skies.
And look to the stars for the answers to be.
For these vary same stars - from here, I can see...

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great poem! ! ! rhymes are very good too well written 10++++