HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)


i paid for a ticket to witness tricks for a fee

saw a body in half for applause and wicked glee

pull numerous rabbits from your magical hat

for all to gaze upon with a congratulatory pat

you pulled me in with the magic you weave

i watched your tricks for something up sleeve

mesmerized by your wit and your charm

my soul was taken without hesitation or hint of harm

under your spell was i as your art to work you put

eyes glazed over and my heart under foot

closely i watched for a hint of a lie

but to good you were at the trade you ply

your words are wicked and you back-pedal well

having me enthralled and under your spell

illusions quite expert and deftly sly

the audience would gasp and utter a sigh

aware of the mirrors you put into use

as slowly i slipped and fell in your noose

all were took in by your slight of hand

you had unleashed your devilish plan

constant was the smoke thru which i could not see

speaking of love as to other beds you flee

you spoke of forever but couldn't give me a day

as i sat, wondered, and cried... off you went to play

i payed the price for the ticked to your fabulous show

yet all you practiced was deceit and grief is what you sow

you are an expert as you practice to deceive

all that witness are willing to believe

the lies you whisper the words you speak

as you leave bodies in your wake desperate and weak

your skill is matched by no one at all

so great are your games that even you fall

to believe your own have-truths, gimmicks, and lies

till the day you awake alone on no shoulder to cry

then your craft will have left you bitter and cold

just as you left me with no one there to hold

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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