The Mage says to all

'come sit with me, that I may tell you,

of the wonders of this world. '

'You may ask who this one who rants

is, perchance'

'I am the Mage, the sorcerer of time,

I could be your friend, or enemy of the mind'

' Look around thee, tell me

what you see, , , '

' You may describe simple mundane things'

'but I am here to tell you that its true Magick

this world brings '

' It sustains your existence and that's always good

it bounty is always misunderstood '

'Taken for granted like a beautiful wife

you do not miss her till shes gone from your life'

' I need not show you the power of Me

when the real Magick lies within

all that you see.'

by Samael Wolf

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