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Magickal Clash
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Magickal Clash

Poem By Ray Lucero

There lives a white witch in the West
A Wiccan, who practices magick
With great powers to heal blessed
‘Till one day she did something tragic

There lives a great warlock in the East
Conjures powerful demons with his words
Some say he’s not man, rather a beast
Sends spells in the beaks of black birds

Came a day, these two titans did clash
Summoned their powers, went to war
Drew weapons from their magickal cache
Went at each other like never before

The battle went from day into night
Day after day, week after week
Seemed no end, this titanic fight
Until one day, a truce they'd seek

They did meet on a vast cyber-plain
A special place, another dimension
Each had a chance to talk, explain
That peace was their true intention

They looked into each others eyes
Scanned each others naked soul
Revealed to them was no surprise
For what they saw was sacred, whole

Kindred hearts beat as one
She the Mother, he the Son

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Comments (3)

One of the best poems from you..tasteful and fine..10 I asked him to message me about this 'attack' on me.....he NEVER did Yed He did directly to Poem hunter Administration...
I asked him to message me about this 'attack' on me.....he NEVER did. The White Wiccan will endure.
And then they lived happily ever after!