Country Roads

Many country roads I’ve traveled
A lifetime of them to be exact
No better place on earth to be
And my friend, that’s just a fact

The earthy fresh and sweet
World of the country roads
Mean everything to me
They help to lighten my load

The swirling, twirling clouds above
Set off the country scene
If you drove those country roads
You would know just what I mean

There’s hope and fresh acceptance
When the country roads you ride
A place for families to grow as well
Where men long to take a bride

So rest assured, my friend
If you’ve some worries to unload
Just live the best life possible
And travel those country roads!

by Marilyn Lott

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About 54 Years ago my English teacher recited this to the class. Now at 68 Years of age this brought back many happy memories. Strange the things that stay in your head, I never forgot the last stanza.
very good indeed it is not erev lantg!
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this is very good! it is very educational
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