Magna Carta

I'll tell of the Magna Charter
As were signed at the Barons' command
On Runningmead Island in t' middle of t' Thames
By King John, as were known as "Lack Land."

by Marriott Edgar Click to read full poem

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About 54 Years ago my English teacher recited this to the class. Now at 68 Years of age this brought back many happy memories. Strange the things that stay in your head, I never forgot the last stanza.
very good indeed it is not erev lantg!
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this is very good! it is very educational
I haven't cared much lately for PH's choices for Poem of the Day, but I actually chuckled at this one. I especially liked the lines the Barons in rage started gnashing their teeth, And them with no teeth gnashed their gums and That in England to-day we can do what we like, So long as we do what we're told. Good choice, Poem Hunter. I'm adding it to my favorite poem list!
Exquisite oright to be free.. iip
very well written poem. Like it.
It reminds me of hen pecked husband story!
Those at the abode of TVBNL this New Years Eve and now day... would have had this poem brilliantly recited, all 19 stanzas by TVBNL himself. I enjoyed it nearly as well as the firework display he put on for his assembled guests. Check out the related blog http: //