Magnificently Blest

What do you find in the world so wonderful
Sweet Annabelle, that you lavish smile upon smile?
Ah! dear, right now you are sobbing, whimpering
This sudden shift puts your mom back on earth
Perhaps, little one, you bring merry news from yonder:
A world completely beyond human grasp
Smiles, sobs and tears design your language
Along with occasional gestures markedly eloquent
Your kindred souls lose themselves in merriment
Here is solid cause to rejoice and to celebrate:
Little darling, you have readily accepted us
As we are - - that is our stout, dearest boast
You have joined the mighty stream with zest
Swelling its onward move magnificently blest
A breeze easeful pampers you and greets you
The breeze is our warm breath full of awe
May no tempest rage about, and if at all it does
Annabelle sweet, you can, for sure, ride over it
And keep your steady, graceful rhythm quite intact.

by Varghese J Kuttikat

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