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Magnus (Ascendant Humanity)
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Magnus (Ascendant Humanity)

When you reach the end of your old ways,
And the sky blooms red at the ends of days,
When dark is light and day is night,
There I am.

When the single thought can cripple nations,
And men rise up against their light,
When the shadows of passing stars illuminate,
There I am.

When the worlds of life have passed beyond,
And into the darkened light of alternity,
When sky and sun assimilate,
There I am.

When your train of thought leads dead places,
And the entire planet becomes a sea of faces,
When the winds of change do not blow,
There I am.

When the tides of war have long since gone,
And the blasted lands of this world are empty,
When in death you find no solace, no peace,
I am there.

When your soul yearns to reach beyond these years,
And you’ve learned to conquer every fear,
When you seek the truth with all you are,
You find me.

Come find me.

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